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Comet says “List with Lisa because Lisa Sells!”

This beautiful home is SOLD and this sign is ready for your yard!

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Pet's add life to a home, don't they? We have four dogs so we understand that well! They definitely add life to our home and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

There are health benefits to owning pets - some of those are:

• Decreases Stress • Lowers Blood Pressure • Eases Pain • Lowers Cholesterol • Improves Mood • Helps People Socialize • Prevents Strokes • Monitors Blood Sugar Levels for Diabetics • Prevents Allergies and Improves Immunity • Helps Children Develop • Pets, Especially Dogs, Keep You Active • Beat the Blues With Your Pet • Cuddling Makes Us Happy • Pets are a Social Icebreaker

Own a pet?  Need a home - or a new home - for you and your pet(s)? 

Four Dogs

(l-r) Charlotte - Clyde - Charlie - Comet


Allow me to walk you through a seamless home selling or home buying process! 

I have assisted countless buyers and sellers and would love you assist you too!



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